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My focus is to pass on confidence to tall teens and adult women.[fimage] Alex Coulson is Australia’s most famous dating coach.He employs the practice of going out and dating women during day time to discover what works and what doesn’t work.He started offering dating services for men on how to approach and talk to women since 2007 through online videos and LIVE infield boot camps, where he takes guys out to the real world and teaches them how to approach by doing it together.I'm Tall You're Not – So That Makes us Even is a short book about Tall women (Tom Kat Production, LLC).Ever wonder what it would be like to live an episode of your life over several times a day? This book deals with the humor of being a statuesque female in today's society, while enlightening these grand beauties on just how envied they are.The problem is that there is just too much nonsense when it comes to dating and seduction advice – much of which are given out by slimy If you are looking for some good advice and techniques on how to get a girl to like you and quickly win her over, then you will find plenty of help here.

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He promotes his dating expertise by showing students his real videos of him picking up women.

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We should embrace these differences and not take ourselves so seriously.

I'm Tall, You're Not emphasizes this for tall girls and women."Though many see being a Tall woman as disadvantaged, Smith uses humor to show that Tall women have varied interests and many great skills other than basketball or reaching things on top shelves.


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