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The digital computer stores data in discrete units and performs arithmetical and logical operations at very high speed.

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The name is a tongue-in-cheek sound-alike to Ethernet, and refers to the use of someone wearing sneakers as the transport mechanism for the data.DOS has been an obsolete operating system for close to twenty years but it still shows up in a few places: Back when DOS was a current operating system many machines were not network connected at all.Back then people did not have home networks and networking equipment was much more expensive.The specific site also provides a variety of ways for users to communicate with others within that network, such as instant messaging and chat rooms, e-mail or site mail (used only use through the service), notes and blogs, file sharing, forums or other types of discussion groups, videos, and so on.Many social networking sites today do offer some form of privacy by allowing its users to choose a public, private or limited viewing profile.It is essential to take sensible measures to protect your computer from the numerous threats encountered online these days.


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