Emotionally invalidating environments

There are many instances of crime especially against women go unreported in India.These are figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau recently.

Nor were you brave enough to point out that these protesters were perfectly happy to use this student to further their own agenda, but turned on her as soon as they realized she wasn’t supporting their narrative.

We are disappointed that when two students chose to go on a hunger strike until you resigned, you didn’t simply say, “so what?

” If they want to starve themselves, that’s fine—you don’t owe them your job.

Emotional invalidation occurs when an individual communicates their emotional experience to another person who responds in an extreme fashion. Overton, A., Selway, S., Strongman, K., & Houston, M. Eating disorders – the regulation of positive as well as negative emotion experience.

Typical responses may include minimisation, punishment and declaring the inner emotional experience is wrong and unacceptable (Linehan, 1993). Cognitive behavioural treatment for borderline personality disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 12, 39-56Steinberg, B.


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