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So, she promised her daughter she would find Ozzy’s brother. Cathleen didn’t find the cat but, two years later, she did find Brian Herrera on a dating website. Kathy Sousa, with the Petaluma Animal Services Foundation was thrilled.The newspapers of the time were filled with stories of jilted husbands and wives blaming the site for their divorce, and at its height, in 2007, Friends Reunited claimed 55 per cent of all British adults were members.Yet few of its users were active users (unlike then-surging Facebook's), and 2007 was when growth slowed – by March 2008, when the site responded by removing its subscription fee, active user numbers had already dramatically fallen.So here, in their own words – and those of Michael Murphy, the CEO who took it from a bedroom in Barnet to a multi-million pound brand – is the story of Friends Reunited: Jason Porter: “We met working together at Bovis Construction [now Lend Lease], way back in the day.We were programmers, [but] we always had this entrepreneurial spirit, you know, always coming up with ideas, making stuff for people. They’re both 44, born two months apart in different towns in the Bay Area.

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‘I did a double take and immediately yelled out “that’s my cat, that’s my cat! ‘I always told my daughter Cali I would try to find Ozzy’s twin brother as we were so sad we didn’t take both kittens,’ Cathleen told us.

‘Brian adopted his kitten, Butter, four days after we got Ozzy.

The women — both residents of Wynmoor in Coconut Creek — were on a community outing and happened to be seated at the same table, with a third woman between them.“Where were you raised?

” Evelyn, now Evelyn Friedman, politely asked the woman. ”After Freeman answered East 46th Street between Church Avenue and Linden Boulevard, Friedman asked her for the house number. They had both been snowbirds at their complex for decades before moving there full time as widows a few years ago.


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