Ie dating and marriage in 2016

A similar trend is evident for brides with the average age decreasing from 25.7 in 1966 to 24.0 in 1977 and increasing to a high of 33.8 in 2016. Religious ceremonies were the most popular In 2016, religious ceremonies accounted for 64.8pc of all marriages.

There were 12,140 (53.7pc) Catholic marriage ceremonies, 372 (1.6pc) Church of Ireland ceremonies, The Spiritualist Union of Ireland performed 1,038 (4.6pc) ceremonies and 1,104 (4.9pc) couples opted for other religious ceremonies.

I've decided to organize the statistics and facts into two main areas.

Not only does the media continually portray this path as the norm, but the people we surround ourselves with also provide a benchmark for when we think we should be getting engaged.

This section also includes any relevant facts about dating, relationships, and marriage that I thought would be of interest to the dating industry.

The second part is for actual dating services (this includes dating sites and dating apps).

We surveyed a random sample of 2,072 females in the United States aged 18 to 45 over a course of three weeks to see how long they dated their partners before they got engaged.

We asked three simple questions: Each of these questions were designed with the goal in mind: to find out how time and age affect relationships.


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