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It's almost too much for "Felicity" fans to hope for, but it happened!

On Tuesday, Scott Speedman (Ben) joined Keri Russell (Felicity) at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and then, just hours later, the former co-stars appeared side-by-side again on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." But before fans of the show get excited about the possibility of another reunion — as in a series revival — they should be warned: That really is too much to hope for.

That turns out to be a lie."Every actor I know—any reasonable actor I know—is complicated," Speedman says.

"What you see and what they are, those are two very different things. "Maybe too much."The actor, who grew up in Toronto, came to Los Angeles for the first time when he was 22 to meet with J. Abrams and Matt Reeves about a role on , his first real complicated character.

The Smashing Pumpkins front man and reality star shocked just about everyone when they walked Bravo’s A-List Awards red carpet together in 2009.

Scott Speedman, a standard issue Ken doll, was on “Felicity” nearly 20 years ago. ” and talked about being a bad boyfriend to Keri Russell so long ago.

"A young 20s boyfriend is called a disaster of a boyfriend," she laughed.Back in 2006 when she was a socialite on the rise and he was still smarting from his divorce with Jessica Simpson, the two dated for about a week.Lucky for us, there are paparazzi shots to prove it—and both parties have credited the liaison with helping catapult Kim into the spotlight.Sarah has a new job at the paper factory owned by her father (Stephen Rea), while Paul works from home as an illustrator.And as they settle into their gorgeous new house in a lush neighbourhood, the community is preparing for its annual Saint Children Festival, commemorating a tragic event from the conquistador era.Egoyan, who Speedman worked with in 2008's "That's never happened to me before," Speedman says. But it's also a funny thing when somebody does write something for you and you read it and you're like, 'Oh, this is what you think of me.' But I understood why.


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