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You have to have a penchant for hearing large-scale structures unfold over relatively long periods to appreciate classical music, though this can be an acquired skill.

It’s this large-scale quality, the sheer dimension of expression that the master composers strove for, that makes classical music different. But the art form is certainly ambitious and demanding. Even a 20-minute Haydn string quartet requires you to focus in order to grasp the structure, content and character.

In the 1948 presidential race, Truman pretty much ignored his GOP rival, Tom Dewey, and ran, as Obama will try to, against what he called a do-nothing Congress.

When people urged Truman to keep giving the Republicans hell, he said he merely tells the truth, and they think it’s hell.

I was getting awfully close to having nothing to read!Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Comey FBI Stuff / Russia HACKS / Gamne of Cards / Megan Kelly and Alex Jones / London Building Fire / DC Shooting / Headlines /Look, mike cant type all this s**t right nowjoe and clown join the show / no plans for the future / MIK COULD BE DRUNK / audio problems / Mike still ant read / big politicis / Mass shooter father at the clinton rally / snapchap / wikileaks / Softballs break / Monster of the week / Top Aleins...Joe and Clownbaby join the show / This is a drunk show / SC Shooting Rampage / Listener Emails / Ireland Email / Fireman Matt / Are We Alcoholics?“Eleanor Rigby,” I’d argue, is just as profound as Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony.But the Mahler, scored for large orchestra, chorus and two vocal soloists, is a whole lot longer, lasting more than 80 minutes.But if you are inclined to go with it, the payoff can be exhilarating. Trump, that makes Beethoven’s Seventh, or Messiaen’s ecstatic, 75-minute “Turangalîla-Symphonie” seem so monumental, not any inherent artistic superiority.


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