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Their ten year age difference ain’t nothing but a number either- Maxwell, 43, loves his 33 year old Dominican queen.This VH-1 event isn’t the first red carpet they touched.“With [John] I can totally just let go and be myself.” What can I say, except thank you Lord!!It's been a long time, this singe life, and I thank you all for your prayers and kind words of hope. For all of you waiting on LOVE- don't give up – keep God first and he will see that you meet your match.Clearly the man has had relationships throughout the years, but the thing that makes this a shocker for his fans is that he’s very private about his personal life.So when he stepped onto VH-1’s red carpet- which they are actually calling their ‘purple carpet’ this year- for their upcoming Well, it turns out that reality TV and TV hosting isn’t her only claim to fame because unbeknownst to many, Julissa and Maxwell have been together since at least 2014 and word on the o0ld school curb is hat they are madly in love.In the caption, she noted that she’d been a single woman for a long time before she jumped into her then-new romance. If you thought it was hard finding love as an everyday woman juggling work and a whole host of other responsibilities, then meeting the right one as a well-known figure has to be 10 times worse.

“My biggest thing with dating was the ability to be vulnerable,” she admitted.

“I’m ready to settle, well, not settle for anything but settle down,” she said. We often make it too easy and available and men like to chase.

But I don’t know how much you ought to listen to me because I ain’t got one yet.”But things have changed.

Earlier this year, MC Lyte pried back the shield on her private moments to share that she found the love of her life after meeting him on an online dating service.

Now, the legendary rapper announced that she’s engaged.


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